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Humber Opportunities is part of a network of online platforms across the North of England designed to increase the awareness and accessibility of local careers, employment and learning information in order to support those whose careers have been negatively impacted by the economic implications of Covid-19.  

The network of platforms is the result of a partnership between NP11 and tech company, PDMS, who are powering each instance with their SignedUp Skills employment and skills platform.  

This project aims to achieve two outcomes: to make local labour market information easier to navigate for those that need it and to provide employment and skills leaders with an online platform to enhance their capabilities.   

Over the next few months, PDMS will be seeking to establish a coalition of partners who want to leverage these platforms to improve local labour market outcomes. These partners will be able to assume full control of their local implementation, enabling them to curate the data and add relevant content to enhance the service.  

Partner organisations will be invited to join a network of partners where they can learn, grow and share how they are using the platform to bring about positive outcomes.  

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