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Ports and Logistics in Humber

Facts & Figures

33,000+ jobs in Humber
£2.5 billion contribution to UK economy
77million+ of cargo handled annually by the Humber Ports

The Humber Ports offer an unrivalled mix of facilities and capabilities, and Humber’s location and connectivity has led to building a unique body of port-related logistics, engineering and manufacturing expertise and infrastructure, particularly in the food, energy and chemical industries, bringing a wide variety of career opportunities to explore.

Are you a naturally good fit for working in Ports & Logistics?

Effective problem solving Taking the right approach to find solutions to any problems that come your way, even if you’ve never come across that problem before
Communication In logistics, you will always be working as part of a team
Self-management Managing yourself and your time productively
Organised and detail-oriented Supply chain management involves so many important details that must be reviewed carefully and planned for accordingly
Work calmly under pressure Supply chains don’t always function without a hitch – weather conditions, equipment failure, traffic. In a world where everything should have been delivered yesterday in the mind of the customer, you must be able to work in a stressful environment

Ports and Logistics Jobs

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These are some of the companies in Humber operating in ports and logistics 

Local Ports and Logistics Apprenticeships

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Logistics and Distribution Learning Opportunities

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